Albinas as Organist, Musician and Artist

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Read what The Times-Picayune says about the Trinity Artist Series on May 10th, 2012 in this lnk here.

Congratulations Albinas!  We are proud that you are recognized for your contributions by the "Ladies in Red" Award (Preservation Resource Center -2010) for promoting jazz, New Orleans culture and for all your tremendous community service.  Wow.


What is Jazz Vespers?

Trinity Church began a series of “jazz reflections” during Sunday night Compline in 2011.

Compline is an ancient late night prayer service, usually observed at monasteries.  Our “Jazz Vespers” included various accomplished jazz artists, including Ellis Marsalis, Harold Battiste, The Thelonious Monk Institute Ensemble, Victor Atkins Roland Guerin, Tony Dagradi.

The brief service (or office) ncludes a jazz prelude, a jazz reflection after the reading of scripture, and a postlude. In all, it should last no more than half hour. 

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As noted above, Compline is an ancient late night prayer service. We start at 9:00 p.m. on those Sundays. It is also a rather brief service, typically lasting about 20 to 25 minutes or so. There will be two places that Jazz music will be featured: an opening Solo after all are gathered and seated and a jazz reflection following the scripture reading, which I hope to know in advance.

An example of a psalm  is the following:

Psalm 31

In you, O Lord, have I taken refuge
Let me never be put to shame;
Deliver me in your righteousness

Incline your ear to me;
Make haste to deliver me

Be my strong rock, a castle to keep me safe
For you are my crag and my strong hold;
For the sake of your name, lead me and guide me

Take me out of the net that they have secretly set for me,
For you are my tower of strength

Into your hands I commend my spirit
For you have redeemed me,
O Lord, o God of truth.

Albinas says: "I feel this is an exciting and important occasion because I know just enough about jazz to realize that it is a deeply meditative and spiritual form of art at heart, and I welcome the opportunity of including jazz music at Compline".

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Organ and Labyrinth, Every Tuesday, 6PM

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Listen to what Amy Walters of NPR had to say about the 2006 event:


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