Albinas as Organist, Musician and Artist
 Creating the Trinity Artist Series  requires a lot of thought, patience, and dedication.  And a lot of support work.  Albinas & Manon are an excellent team pulling all of this together, year after year, enven after retirement. 

The Trinity Artist Series was awarded the Big Easy, Tribute to the Classical Arts Outstanding Contribution Award 2008, and the Mayor's Arts Award 2001, 2004 Best of the Best Heartbeat Award.

Albinas, Director of Music Ministries at Trinity Episcopal Church, started the Trinity Artist Series nearly 25 years ago, lasting approximately one hour.

The series is informal and free of charge,  handi-cap accessible with elevator if need be, and police security provided.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, all events are cancelled until further notice.

We were proud to offer the JAZZ JESPERS 2017, Sundays at 8PM!

For all the news about the Trinity Artist series and our monthly schedule of events - please go to the new website which we hope you will enjoy:

Celebrating almost 30 years of continuous concerts, The Trinity Artist Series is proud to serve the community of New Orleans with diverse and exciting programs.

Thank you for your support as we do our part to help build a better city.
Handicap access and elevator available. Informal. FREE of Charge.

Call: (504) 670-2520 -