Albinas as Organist, Musician and Artist

Yellowdog Prophet Choir is an exercise in creativity - at its very best.  The performances needs to be both seen and heard! 

There are enthusiastic performers, great music, props, barefeet, magic and the unpredictable under the direction of Albinas.

The Yellowdog Prophet Choir has been singing programs in New Orleans for the past 16 years. They have performed for conferences, church services, concerts at the Trinity Artist Series and Twilight Concerts in the Park, as well as a movie starring Jim Carey.
The group was originally formed by Albinas Prizgintas to perform his own music and arrangements, but has also performed a variety of music, including patriotic music for Trinity’s annual Patriotic Music Festival, renditions of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, Verdi’s Requiem, Bach Mass in B minor, and many other masterworks and pop music.  Add to this mix many Motown hits, Jimmy H and Pink Floyd!

The choir is representative of people in the New Orleans Community and includes people who love to sing from all walks of life, religious denomination, offering a rich mix of race and cultures. We currently have singers from Madagascar, Nigeria, Costa Rica and many other places around the globe including life-long New Orleaneans.

The program on Sunday August 22nd 2010 featured a wealth of songs from musical theater and film, including “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, “I Could Have Danced All Night”, and a dozen others, directed and accompanied by Albinas Prizgintas at the piano, Trinity’s Director of Music Ministries.

The Yellowdog Prophet Choir was nominated for best choral concert two years ago by Tribute to the Classical Arts, when they performed Saint-Saens’ “Le Deluge”.

Below is a photo of the Yellowdog Prophet Choir at one of their performances at the Trinity Episcopal Chuch in New Orleans. 
At this event, they are performing an arrangement of Bach's B Minor Mass, with dance and improvisation.  The movement shown is the Totentanz.

Here is a photo from the Big Easy Tribute to the Classical Arts Awards ceremony Feb.18. 2008

From Left to Right:
Bronwen Fitzpatrick, Virginia Dare Rufin, Elizabeth Sewell, Diane

Jennings, Helen MacCallum, Manon, Eugenia Lind, Maria Elliott