Albinas as Organist, Musician and Artist

Voila, c'est Manon et Albinas!  A beautiful couple.

This past year our dear Manon was awarded by France the coveted Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres.  This is a wonderful recognition of her devotion and passion in promoting the arts. 

She will be honored as a medal recipient on here in New Orleans by the French Senator, Consulate General and other officials.

Here is also a photograph of the beautiful Manon wearing her newly decorated medal.  Manon is holding the bouquet of flowers!

Congratulations to Manon for this well deserved recognition.  We are very proud of her and her dedication and commitment to the arts and her love for the artists and the Trinity Artist Series.

With this most impressive introduction, please meet the very pretty and petite Manon, who is always quite busy calling, organizing, fixing, and faxing, programming, rushing to get the details of the various events off the ground! 

For a tiny one, she can be quite successful in getting out the press releases, contacting the performers, meeting the performers, getting contacts, arranging for anything you can think of to get the show on the road.  And she can take a mighty good picture with her camera as well.

Manon is French, speaks with a clear French accent, of course.  Unmistakable on the phone.  She always finds the time for a soft word, a kind hug, a gentle sigh,...

To her friends and family, she can be infinitely patient, very trusting, helpful and kind.  She always has an ear and listens to what everyone needs to say.  She is also devoted to the arts, to beautiful music, colors, movements and souls.

To contact Manon, please use the following:

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